Custom Orders

custom orders - bird and pear

Bird and Pear loves custom orders for our Mexican Dress and Serape products!  No, really!  We don’t mind doing them at all.  They fit right in with our customer first philosophy and the idea that you can still get a quality product made right in your own neighborhood, by an actual artist.  There are no stupid questions and you might be amazed at what a generally creative type person can pull off for your friend who has everything or for your wedding that is going to be an incredibly offbeat theme. 

While we are sometimes constrained by our events schedule or may have a booked production room, we will always try our best to accommodate your request in a timely fashion.  Too, if we aren't able to make it happen for you, we will tell you that right up front so that there is no drama or disappointment!  This is a BS free zone and we always try to be really straight with people.