About Us

liz leatherbury - bird and pear

After a long bunch of years in retail and merchandising, I started Bird and Pear  in my dining room after looking all over creation for cheerful, quality, handmade gifts and home accessories that reflected a South Texas aesthetic and things that make me smile.  BUT(and it’s a big but), I live in reality.  Things can’t be too dear.  Purses really get used to carry stuff.  Pillows are used for lounging.  The dog sleeps on the sofa for crying out loud.  It’s got to be cute, colorful and most importantly, hold up.  Mexican Dresses were the answer!   I grew up wearing these easy, cool, 100% cotton, super colorful dresses. There was a different one for every Summer and beach vacations where you wore a different one every day were the best! The colors are never dull. The flowers simply make any day more delightful and the little extra flourishes like the butterflies, birds and bows unique to each stitcher are so very fun.   I adore the images and sun soaked colors of Mexico and kooky, quirky displays that contain the unexpected.  Cards that make you laugh out loud.  Things for kids that encourage an actual conversation.  Games and puzzles for nights with the family or simply something to work on while you sip an icy cold cocktail.

Things at Bird and Pear are never dull.  Never scary looking.  Never poor quality.  While you might find stray glitter, crooked lines or a scratch in the paint, these things mean this item has been thoughtfully made by hand either by us or by an artist we know.  Not just unpacked from a box.  Shipped in from a nameless factory belching out smoke far, far away. Made by a machine – who has no soul!   We curate our collection carefully, always keeping it bright, kitschy and local whenever possible.

Each and every piece in my shop is lovingly and painstakingly sourced or actually made by yours truly.  Since I firmly believe that my and my employees' time is worth something, I price things accordingly. Therefore, I am not able to offer discounts. I will occasionally offer a coupon or promotion. The best way to see these is to favorite my shop or follow me on social media.

And remember: We have 10,000 things to make you happy!

San Antonio, Texas