Embroidered SKINNY Mexican Dress Can Cosie

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Color: Send the cutest ones

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SKINNY SKINNY SKINNY!  We heard you and have delivered!  Finally a skinny koozie for all of the hard seltzers, tiny beers and red bulls you can drink! Yay! These *might* fit a regular beer bottle but it will be tight.  We strongly suggest our regular koozie if you are a bottle or regular canned beer/soda drinker. 

A fresh take on an old item! It’s routinely over 100 degrees on our pool deck and we always need more koozies! I am so very tired of looking at the freebies that come home with some company logo on them so I decided to use up some scraps from other projects and came up with these. These Mexican Dresses are often still hand embroidered and these are great looking pieces of the various embroidered panels found on dresses or shirts.

“OMG – Why are these so expensive?” I hear this all the time at shows and here’s the thing – these are hand made. Hand cut, hand sorted, sent through a sewing machine 6 times. Yes – each one makes six trips through the machine. Then each and every one is tested with a can and a bottle, lint rolled and checked over for errors. These are not unpacked from some box and sent out to you. They are made with tons of love!

This listing is for one, single koozie.

100% cotton over neoprene liners. Both sides will be the same color, or I will check with you first if I am out of the “solids.” Bottoms are assorted colors of neoprene.

The ones available to send are going to be similar to but NOT the ones in the pictures. If you don’t like surprises, please let me know in a note and I will happily send you a pic of the exact ones I have available.  OR if you don’t like pastel colors or red flowers or something, please do note that as well.  These vary a lot!