Mexican Serape Blanket Zip Pouch with Monogram

Mexican Serape Blanket Zip Pouch with Monogram

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How to tell us exactly what you want:

1.  Select a bag color from the drop down menu.  Remember - this ONLY refers to the biggest stripes.  These are always multicolored smaller stripes.

2.  Tell us your initials or name for the cuff in the name box.

3.  Pick a Vinyl color and give us some style details in the big text box. 

Available vinyl colors include: hot pink, baby pink, lemon, aqua, navy blue, royal blue, white, black, kelly green, lime green, red, gold glitter and silver glitter.

For the details:  We need to know how you would like for your initials to read.  We usually do them like this:  Olivia Newton John would read oJn.  If you want something different - tell us here!  

Pick a monogram style from the bullet numbers.

Sit back and wait for your super cute bag to arrive!  Yay!

*****About color selection: When you pick a color, you are picking the “major color” in the fabric. If you want aqua, I will send you one with a wide aqua stripe in it along with other colors. They WILL vary! For example, if green makes you gag, please note it in notes and I will do my best to get you one without any green. If you don’t like surprises, shoot me a note and I will send you pics before I make it! Really. I do it for people every day!*******

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