Mexican Serape Blanket Cuff Bracelet

Mexican Serape Blanket Cuff Bracelet

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I am always trying to think up new ways to use up the old scraps left over from pillow making. These Mexican Serape Blanket Cuff Bracelets are the latest, greatest use of the bits and pieces. So bright! So happy! And practically indestructible! Very rustic construction. Very shabby chic looking. Scraps of Serape blanket are backed with a little bit of interfacing and a piece of marine grade vinyl in a peppy color. Think boat seats. These little charmers can go to the lake, pool, tubing, or out on the town.

Some things to know about these Serape blankets. These are the real deal. The real “meant to be used on the ground – meant to be used for tables – start out itchy and get soft – slubby, nubby, coarsely woven – REAL serapes!” These fabrics are rustic. The weaving is sometimes loose, slightly crooked or has loops or nubby spots actually in the twist of the fibers. I do not mind these because I like all of the variations. If you are a perfectionist, these may not be quite what you are looking for. The zig zag edges are meant to stabilize the fibers but they will FRAY with use.

*****About color selection: When you pick a color, you are picking the “major color” in the bracelet. If you want aqua, I will send you one with a wide aqua stripe in it along with other colors. They WILL vary! For example, if green makes you gag, please note it in notes and I will do my best to get you one without any green. If you don’t like surprises, shoot me a note and I will send you pics before I ship it! Really. I do it for people every day!*******

9″long. 1.5″ wide. Closed with a big silver snap. Zig zag stitched edges which are frayed and roughly cut.

We love custom orders! If you want a bigger size – wider, longer, whatever – send me a convo. We’ll chat!

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