Bird and Pear Rosie Bag


Cheerful little bags handmade from Embroidered Mexican Dresses:

Happy, Happy, Happy! This adorable wristlet/clutch bag is exactly what you need for lipstick, phone, id, cash, and keys as you meander through a festival.  The short handles make a perfect pouch that you can hold in your hand or dangle from your wrist when you have a beverage in one hand and chicken on a stick in the other.  It provides a safer feeling than a wristlet on a strap. The Rosie bag is also great for kids. We've heard it being used to hold knitting supplies, sewing kits, snacks, and small toys.

These are made from Hand Embroidered Mexican dresses and shirts and are fully lined in fun colors. Nothing too matchy matchy. I am trying not to waste a bit of the fabric from these clothes so I piece the scraps together for the linings. They do have a little bit of interfacing to help them hold their shape. One strap is shorter than the other to create a closed top when carried on the wrist. The bag measures 8" x 8". The wrist strap is 7" and the closing strap is 3".

Some good stuff to know about these dresses: If you have never seen an inexpensive embroidered Mexican dress up close then let me let you in on a few things: This embroidery is done by hand. Sometimes you can see the marks where they drafted the pattern onto the fabric before stitching it. Totally normal. There are often stray pieces of floss visible under the fabric. Normal. There are sometimes tiny spots of fabric dye or coloring on the fabrics around the embroidered areas. Also normal. It's really thin cotton. It pills a little bit. It's inexpensive and very cool to wear but not the most durable cotton on the market. These fabrics will show some signs of wear. They are mostly RECYCLED.

Please know that while color choices are available, the actual item shipped might not be exactly like the one shown. These will vary.

If you do NOT like surprises, shoot me a note and I will happily send you a pic of the exact one I have ready to ship!

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