20" Hand Embroidered Mexican Dress Pillows

1.0 lb
Embroidered Mexican Dress Pillow, 20" Square Embroidered Flower Pillow, Mexican Throw Pillow, Mexico Dress, Turquoise Throw Pillow

So very fun! Don't you need a little "pop" of color to liven up that sofa or chair you've been looking at for so long? Cheerful, 100% cotton Hand Embroidered Mexican Dresses are made into 20" square pillows. The back and the front are not often going to match because I buy these dresses whenever I see them and sometimes the backs are in really bad shape. New - old - slightly used - a few little spots - none of it matters when you have these happy flowers in your house. I choose not make these in pairs simply because even if I did have two pink dresses, the embroidery would never the same because it's still done by hand!

Some things to know about these dresses: If you have never seen an inexpensive embroidered Mexican dress up close then let me let you in on a few things: This embroidery is done by hand. Sometimes you can see the marks where they drafted the pattern onto the fabric before stitching it. Totally normal. There are often stray pieces of floss visible under the fabric. Normal. There are sometimes tiny spots of fabric dye or coloring on the fabrics around the embroidered areas. Also normal. It's really thin cotton. It's inexpensive and very cool to wear because it's thin. 

Specifics: 20" square cotton pillows, colors will vary, poly-fil inserts(always new), invisible zipper on back. You are purchasing the entire pillow. This is NOT for the cover only. These pillows will go through a cold water, gentle machine cycle with no problem. I strongly recommend putting them in a sweater bag, pillow case or in the washer alone to preserve the pom poms. A no heat dryer with some tennis balls will plump it right back up.