Hand Embroidered Mexican Dress Cuff Bracelet

0.37 lb
I am always trying to think up new ways to use up the old scraps left over from pillow making. These are the latest, greatest use of the bits and pieces. So bright! So happy! And practically indestructible! Very rustic construction. Very shabby chic looking. Hand embroidered pieces of Mexican Dress are backed with a little bit of interfacing and a piece of marine grade vinyl in a peppy color. Think boat seats. These little charmers can go to the lake, pool, tubing, or out on the town. Finished with a snap closure in silver or another peppy color.

Some things to know about these dresses: If you have never seen an inexpensive embroidered Mexican dress up close then let me let you in on a few things: This embroidery is done by hand. I have yet to see one that is perfectly centered on the fabric. Sometimes you can see the marks where they drafted the pattern onto the fabric before stitching it. Totally normal. There are often stray pieces of floss visible under the fabric. Normal. There are sometimes tiny spots of fabric dye or coloring on the fabrics around the embroidered areas. Also normal. It's really thin cotton. It's inexpensive and very cool to wear because it's thin.

9"long. 1.5" wide. Decorative stitched edges which are frayed and roughly cut.